We launched colwiz on 7th of March with a press release on the University of Oxford website. The initial launch was aimed at researchers at academic institutions from the US and the UK (signups restricted to .edu and .ac.uk domains). We were humbled by the response from the research community. Within 3 days, researchers from more than 300 institutions signed up and they are increasing each day.

Some of the organisations where researchers are using colwiz include: MIT, Stanford, Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, Max Planck Institute, CERN, INRIA, GSK, IBM, Astra Zeneca, Samsung, NHS, Royal Society, IEEE, ACM, US Environmental Protection Agency, US Department of Energy and Idaho National Laboratory among many others. We are adding more countries and organisation every day. Please let us know at feedback@colwiz.com if you cannot signup with your organisational email address.

We are thankful to the research community for their feedback. Since the launch, we have been busy working on user requests to bring new features. Here are some of the most requested features:

  • Real time synchronisation of library attachments across multiple computers.
  • Online storage.
  • CiteULike integration to automatically import publications from CiteUlike account.
  • MS Word plugin for Mac to cite papers and generate bibliographies.
  • Sharing of calendars with other researchers.
  • iPad application.
  • Task sharing for collaborative work.
  • Allow signup using non-organisational email addresses.

During the last 3 months, we have improved colwiz based on this user feedback and implemented many of these requested new features. Keep an eye on this blog, colwiz twitter and Facebook page for updates over the next few days!

And even if you don’t, since colwiz is updated automatically, you will see the new features in colwiz desktop without any re-installation.

colwiz A4 Poster

colwiz A4 Poster