Where:Radcliffe Science Library, Parks Road, OX1 3QP, Oxford (view map)
When: 4pm – 5pm, Friday, 24 November 2011

We are demonstrating the newest version of their software, with 3GB of synchronised storage space and a streamlined new interface at the Radcliffe Science Library demonstration suites on 24th Nov and 1st Dec. You can try out the software and follow the on-screen demonstrations and ask any questions you might have.

For confirmed attendees:

Thank you for your confirmation to attend the demo this afternoon at 4pm in the Radcliffe Science Library Demonstration Suites. We have a selection of desktop computers available to demonstrate the web features of colwiz and will also demonstrate the Desktop application on our laptops. I’d like to encourage you to bring your laptops to this demonstration and we will talk you through using colwiz on your platform you use at work and at home. We will give an overview of colwiz, demonstrate its features and how to use it, as well as previewing the newest version in our session today.

To get to the demonstration suite you turn immediately left when you enter the RSL library, turn left again and then go straight to the end of the building. We will have signs clearly directing you and feel free to ask for directions.

Thanks again for your your interest, and we look forward to seeing you later this afternoon,

Dr Matthew Baker
Head of Community Outreach