For the last 11 years, Oxford has brought prominent members of the Silicon Valley community to the UK to explore the opportunities and challenges of building technology sector businesses. The purpose of this exercise is to create and share actionable insight on how to start, scale and run great technology companies. Silicon Valley Comes to Oxford (SVCO) is an annual meeting of successful entrepreneurs and is held in mid-November each year. At its heart are small scale, high-impact sessions where participants share their hard-won, practical insight with the next generation of entrepreneurs and work together to explore new ideas and make great ideas come to life. Participants return each year because they care passionately about the purpose and outcomes of the programme.

Just like last year, colwiz team has been invited to “Silicon Valley Comes to Oxford 2012” to meet with some of the most influential tech elites from Silicon Valley. We are excited to attend sessions with entrepreneurs and investors to discuss ideas and to learn from their experiences in Silicon Valley. The event is held at Oxford Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation on Nov 18-19 2012.  This year’s attendees include

  • Megan Smith, Vice President Google X at Google Inc.
  • Matin Jouzdani, Senior Managing Consultant,IBM
  • Andrew McCollum,  NEA/Facebook
  • Ananth Krishnan, CTO, Tata Consultancy Services
  • Allen Morgan, Managing Director, New Ventures Group, Idealab
  • Kal Patel, Executive and Investor, LRN/Vantage Point Capital Partners
  • Mike Malone, Silicon Insider Columnist,
  • More on the event website