Since our private beta launch to researchers from the UK and the US universities, we  received requests from researchers around the world to open colwiz to everyone.  Today, we have a big news to share: colwiz is now available to the global research community.

Anyone can simply go to, create a free account with 2GB storage, invite colleagues and start organising their individual and collaborative research. You no longer need to wait for an invitation or an activation code.

The initial feedback from our beta community helped us bring many new features and significantly improve colwiz. We introduced cloud storage for research data and file sharing; mobile application for iPhone, iPad and Android; and significantly improved reference management and research collaboration features. Our team worked hard to create a research environment which fosters collaboration and simplifies research and we are incredibly excited to be able to share it with you today.

When we started working on colwiz a while back, we were baffled by the number of different applications that used to manage research and frustrated with how complex it was to collaborate and share resources with colleagues. Researchers ourselves, we knew something had to be changed. We wanted to create a research management environment which makes the life of researchers easier, and enables simple and effective collaboration between colleagues. colwiz gives you the support you need at every step of complex research collaboration to make your initial idea, a published innovation.

Thank you for being a part of the colwiz community and we look forward to changing the world together.

Watch our videos and keep an eye on our blog, twitter and facebook for updates. For more information or feedback, write to us at