At colwiz, we’ve always been great advocates of the notion of working together. Having people interconnect, build channels which support open communication and let those awesome ideas flow. Our product certainly reflects that, but there’s always room for improvement. Impeccable collaboration processes are crucial for the execution of grand ideas and professional researchers can attest to that fact.

Hence we continuously strive to make those tools that help you create the channels of connection with your peers. Henceforth, colwiz will support the ability to sign up with your Facebook and/or LinkedIn profiles! In addition, you can quickly bring all your friends and connections to colwiz directly from Facebook and LinkedIn. It’s easy as pie! (Not that π)


Connect with your LinkedIn or Facebook Profile and start inviting your friends!


And the best part is…

Your friends’  Research Profile on colwiz is automatically set up by the information extracted from their respective Facebook/LinkedIn profiles, saving time and hassle in setting up shop.  You can even nab a little extra cloud storage space for yourself through the process. Click here to learn more about it.

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