Calling all iOS users! We recently updated our iOS application to the new iOS7 layout and hidden under the fresh coat of paint is a significant feature upgrade: the ability to create new annotations!

The colwiz application for iOS already allowed colwiz users to access their entire library and have it synced in real time across their web and desktop applications. With the added function of creating annotations, they can now save and sync their comments and highlights to documents while on the move. This in-house technology has been carefully crafted to facilitate working from small devices when travelling or away from the workplace. If you haven’t thought about using our iOS application yet, now is a good time to take it for a spin.

To demonstrate its ease of use, we have prepared a brief how-to guide to familiarise you with the basics.


Adding highlights:

1-updated (2)

  1. Long-press anywhere on the PDF to bring up a context menu and select “Add Highlight”.
  2. Drag the highlight nodes across the screen until it covers the desired area.
  3. Select “Done” to save highlight or “Add comment” to save with a personal note.


Adding comments:

2-updated (2)

  1. Long-press anywhere on the PDF to bring up a context menu and select “Add Comment”.
  2. Type your comment in the text box and save.
  3. To quickly view a saved comment, simply tap over the yellow comment icon.


Viewing annotations:


  1. While viewing the PDF, tap anywhere on the screen to bring up more options below.
  2. Select the annotations list icon in the middle to see all annotations sequentially.
  3. Tap on an annotation to view, or slide the annotation to the left to delete.


With this update, all the essential functions of your online and desktop library are now in the palm of your hand. With the colwiz iOS application, you can now:

  • Access your entire reference library and attachments;

  • Read and annotate PDFs;

  • Search and add publications from Google Scholar, PubMed, CrossRef and many more;

  • Sync your references to and from desktop and web library;

  • Sync annotations across multiple devices.

Please keep us updated on your experiences with the new colwiz iOS application in the comments below, and stay tuned to our blog for more updates.

The colwiz Team