2014 has been an outstanding year for colwiz, starting with colwiz software winning the PROSE award in February all the way through to the recent launch of the colwiz Interactive PDF Reader on the website of renowned publisher Taylor & Francis.

colwiz members increased significantly over the course of 2014 and, through their feedback, have helped shape the development of colwiz products. Here’s a recap of what unfolded over the past twelve months:

  • 2014 saw a major overhaul over the colwiz desktop application resulting in better functionality and a more user-friendly design. Many thanks to our members for providing the constructive comments that made this possible.
  • We also upgraded the colwiz library, adding smart folders for automatic filing, and introduced a feature allowing users to simultaneously annotate documents with colleagues. Used in both research and teaching, this interactive annotation feature is proving extremely popular.
  • In 2014, colwiz became the reference manager offering the most free cloud storage, allowing members to use a whopping 30GB. You can now earn more free storage by inviting friends and colleagues to join colwiz!
  • Use of the colwiz Interactive PDF Reader was extended to iPhone and iPad users with a new iOS app, and through a collaborative project with the scholarly publisher Taylor & Francis, the colwiz Interactive PDF now features on 40 Taylor & Francis journal homepages.

We continue to welcome our community’s feedback and are excited about the year to come which is set to be even more productive than 2014. We have a range of impressive new releases due in 2015, all of them geared to enhance and streamline your research experience.

Thank you for your support and happy holidays!

The colwiz Team