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wizdom.ai – the world’s largest research knowledge graph powered by artificial intelligence June 23rd, 2016, by

Powered by Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence, wizdom.ai provides critical insights about the past, present and future of the entire research universe to answer the most fundamental questions for researchers, research institutions, publishers, funding organisations, businesses and governments.

Brexit – Track impact on UK universities, EU funding and international collaboration June 23rd, 2016, by

With £6.65 Billion in EU funding, Brexit impact on UK’s global research position will be significant. With a live dashboard, track how research output, EU funding and collaboration in the UK evolves. With UK’s publication output already on the decline, it is critical to understand UK’s role in the EU and EU’s influence on UK research.

Cite and Write faster on any browser with the colwiz Add-on for Google Docs March 8th, 2016, by

On new year’s eve, we advanced into 2016 by enabling Chrome users to add citations in Google Docs while working collaboratively on research papers. We know how important it is for researchers to work together seamlessly, that is why we …

Write and Cite Collaboratively On Google Docs Through Colwiz December 21st, 2015, by

A few months ago, the Internet was buzzing about an experimental particle physics paper that broke the world record for having the most contributors. Total number of authors? 5,154 Having that many people contribute to a project without it spiraling …

Taylor & Francis and Cogent OA launch colwiz Interactive PDF Reader on all journals September 14th, 2015, by

Taylor & Francis, one of the world’s leading academic publishers, today announced the launch of colwiz Interactive PDF Reader to enhance the reading experience across its list of 2,200 journals. The Interactive PDF Reader is now available on all journal …