In the final installment of our three-part update on new colwiz features, we are revealing the new and completely revamped colwiz Drive. At colwiz, we know that a major part of research is the storage and sharing of data, which is just as important as managing references.

The colwiz Drive now offers amazing benefits: not only have we turned our back on Flash in favour of the latest HTML5 technology and introduced a user-friendly interface, but colwiz now provides more free cloud storage than any other research management software!


A brand new colwiz Drive

 Free storage. Lots of it.

We’re offering massive storage incentives to our users. Now you can significantly reduce your storage costs because colwiz offers:

  • Increased personal storage up to 30GB by inviting colleagues/friends (1GB per accepted invite).
  • Increased file size limit – upload files as large as 512MB.
  • Increased shared storage space on each group to 5GB.
  • Unlimited number of collaborators per group.
  • Unlimited number of groups.
  • 1GB free storage when you sign up through Facebook or LinkedIn.

If your need for storing data on the cloud exceeds 30GB, you can drop us an email and we will bump up the storage for free as per your needs. Existing colwiz users will see their storage increase automatically according to the number of users they have previously invited. If you have not already signed up to colwiz, you can do so here. Start inviting colleagues to colwiz today to gain 1GB of free storage per accepted invitation!


A new look

Instead of Flash, colwiz Drive now uses HTML5 technology which has improved the overall speed and responsiveness of the application.


Quick tools to download, share, copy e.t.c visualize on top after an item is selected

The Drive’s design is now similar to your colwiz Library. All items are presented with a clean and user-friendly interface. As the above image demonstrates, selecting an item now enables all of the most commonly used modification tools such as copy, paste and delete on the top bar. Shared items are now displayed with a small but distinct visual cue next to their names.


 Shared items are marked with a blue ribbon next to their names

Based on feedback from users, the distribution of items in the left panel has been consolidated into three distinct categories – My Drive, Shared With Me and Groups to give a clearer indication of where relevant data can be found across your Drive.


Thank you!

In this three-part series, we have revealed recent improvements to our software that make it more user-friendly and efficient. The new colwiz Library and smart folders allow you to better organise articles and data and the new Drive now gives you oodles of free cloud storage.

The active participation of our community in suggesting changes has been crucial to each new update and we hope you will continue to voice your opinions. Please tell us what you think of your new Drive and what you’d like to see next by email ( via Facebook.

Thank you for your feedback and enjoy!
The colwiz Team